FLEGT-licensed timber

The FLEGT Licence Information Point

FLEGT-licensed timber products are verified legal and meet the due diligence requirements of the EU Timber Regulation. Indonesia is the first country to begin issuing FLEGT licences. The EU FLEGT Facility has produced an online resource to support accurate and coherent communication about FLEGT licences and trade in FLEGT-licensed products.

The FLEGT Licence Information Point includes answers to dozens of frequently asked questions that cover everything from the basics to complex trade scenarios and how to report any problems.

It also includes details about FLEGT Competent Authorities in each EU Member State, as well as information for importers and other traders of FLEGT-licensed products in the EU. A section devoted to Indonesia, the first country to begin FLEGT licensing, describes the country’s timber legality assurance system (SVLK), FLEGT licensing procedures and FLEGT-licensed products.

The website also provides definitions, terms of use, and advice for branding and communicating accurate, coherent information about FLEGT licences. See www.flegtlicence.org for more details.

IND 5th JIC signing

Putera Parthama, Director General of Sustainable Forest Management at Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Charles-Michel Geurts, Deputy Head of Delegation at the EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei sign the formal decision on the date to start FLEGT licensing in Yogyakarta on 15 September 2016

Credit: EU FLEGT Facility

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