Want to learn more about the basics of FLEGT or how to become a better practitioner? This section of provides easy access to training programmes indexed by theme and provider.

Introducing FLEGT

Introducing FLEGT is a video that explains how the EU FLEGT Action Plan reduces illegal logging by strengthening the sustainability and legality of forest management, improving forest governance and promoting trade in legally produced timber. Produced by Fern, it is available in

VPA Unpacked

VPA Unpacked is an online resource that aims to promote understanding of VPA terms, concepts and experiences, and to facilitate coherent communication by all VPA actors. Produced by the EU FLEGT Facility, it is available in

Reducing illegal timber trade to the EU

Reducing illegal timber trade to the EU is a video that explains what civil society can do to combat illegal logging for export markets. Produced by ClientEarth, it is available in

NEPCon Sourcing Hub

The NEPCon Sourcing Hub provides information on how to source commodities responsibly. The commodities include beef, palm oil, soy and timber. The sourcing hub is available in English.

VPA Unpacked
EU Timber Regulation